3 Reasons to Embrace Change

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2020 surprised us with a pandemic that we’re still trying to cope with. From then on, we have been working on our emotions, slowing down our crazy life. Our points of view stopped, and for the first time, everyone had the same fears: health, family and friends, work, and personal life balance.

We are still in the phase of embracing uncertainty. It’s a feeling that has a strong correlation with change. And those two special ingredients make us feel alive.

Transformation is part of our DNA. If not, how come we’re not like our ancestors? We’re born for it and we can’t fight against it. Because change is an attitude towards life.

Personally, I’m one of those people who hates when others complain about their situation, but they don’t try to find a solution to their annoyance. I always suggest thinking about how to make things better or more convenient.

So why are we so afraid of change?

#1. Failure is real

We are afraid of being wrong, of not getting the results we are expecting. In my opinion, this is part of the process. Yes, it’s difficult, but if you never fail you will never appreciate the long way for success.

Only time will give you the right perspective of this shameful time, and I’m sure it will lead you to other paths of life.

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. ― Edgar Allan Poe

#2. Fear of disappointing others

We don’t walk alone on this journey. We have family, friends, and partners who support us in everything we do. We always want to show our best face in front of them and change is not always acceptable for everyone. Maybe those decisions will modify our relationship with them or we will feel our bond is different from before.

Only our true family will support us. During the process, we will see how our decisions are challenging our network, which I think it’s a healthy outcome. But are we prepared for it?

#3. Lack of focus or consistency

Changing means adopting new habits. We need a goal, a focus, a light that will help us as a reference. It’s normal to feel a bit demotivated because we don’t see immediate improvements, but as I once read: We are today working on what we will become in 10 years.

Our hours spent on our new habits can lead us to something new and better than what we could expect at first. A way of not losing this commitment is having some kind of accountability.

However, good things are coming with change and uncertainty that are interesting to highlight.

What can I win with uncertainty?

#1. New opportunities will come.

It will open your point of view towards new possibilities like new careers, new ideas, or networking. We never wonder how many opportunities we lose in the way towards what we call success. In the end, we’re always deciding what to do next.

The only difference is that we can decide to change consciously. It will broaden our knowledge about who we are and what we want to become, and clearly, this is a positive step forward towards better self-development.

After giving up my logistics career and studying a data science course, I’ve seen in front of me many other careers like blockchain expert, salesforce advisor, and software developer. The most important, in the end, is to keep focused.

#2. You will feel more comfortable thinking out of the box.

We don’t do this exercise often enough. A simple decision might switch your life 180 degrees. There are uncountable reasons why we should be comfortable in uncomfortable or unknown/new situations.

For instance, it will be good for fast decision-making. Sometimes opportunities are on a take it or leave it basis, where a good answer is needed in a short period of time. In that, you will come out with completely different solutions that probably no one thought about before!

During this career transition, I’ve learned how to code with no previous experience. Now I’m able to recognize I can’t know everything and that many people have been in the same situation before me. Patience has been an important tool for my current development as a data scientist. I’m sure it will accompany me in my future development

#3. Exciting things will happen.

When we decide to change, a new door (or window) opens up. And I truly believe in this. You’re building a new framework in your life, new chances of renewing yourself internally and externally. It’s the opportunity to release your true passion.

This last year I had to do 2 online presentations in front of 70 people on topics I completely ignored one year ago. I wouldn’t reach these top achievements without luck (aka hard work) and being in the right place at the right time.

These experiences make me feel that I’m just at the beginning of more exciting experiences that will be an advance in my career and something to be proud of.

There’s no better moment to embrace uncertainty than the present moment. Transformation is always around us. Let’s face it, we all need some excitement in our lives and sometimes we don’t need big moves to have them. Routine kill our perspective towards new beginnings and this murders our curiosity and eagerness for personal development.

Begin taking a different path to go to the office. You can witness transformations in your neighborhood, meet an old friend, or have a new job opportunity. I invite you to jump and see what happens.



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