3 questions you should ask yourself for better use of AI

We have the feeling that technology is advancing very fast. We can’t stop for a minute and think about what’s going on. We’re probably already in the 3rd or 4th industrial revolution. So let’s accept that it’s an interesting time to be alive.

Our society is always evolving, but now…

Why we should care about adding more diverse perspectives

Some universities and organizations have been working in researching ethical initiatives about AI. The results show that the majority of initiatives come from western countries, leaving very little space for opinions of the global south.

It’s true that the ones leading the development of ethical appliances of AI are the…

How many black robots have you seen so far?

What happens when we search in our browser the word robot? What do we see? What can we notice from those images? We see that many aren’t yet human-like and the second, they’re all white.

Robots and AI machines have been always depicted as white. Without realizing this, we transfer…

Oyidiya Oji

Data Scientist & Analyst. Curious Learning Enthusiast. Interested in Responsible Tech and DEI | Twitter: @oyidiyaoji

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