Disappointment Is an Opportunity

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

You’re trying to change your career, and you’re convinced about it. You’ve decided the next steps to take and, once you’re ready, you start job searching.

The process can take weeks or months, but in the end, you know that sooner or later an opportunity will come. In the meantime, you must overcome different feelings, and one of them is that ugly sensation of failure. Personally, it’s a phase I walk in every time I see an interesting job where I think I could be a perfect match.

Returning to your positive vibes is key to not giving up. I believe in the idea that you’re what you do and how you react. That’s why recharging your energy surrounded by family and friends is so important.

Every time I finish a job interview I try to write down the questions they asked, especially those that were new to me. By doing this, I think I’ll be better prepared for future interviews. Usually, the questions they ask aren’t very different from one company to another, so it’s always convenient to prepare them in advance.

Instead of focusing on rejection and disappointment, I recommend writing those thoughts on a paper. That will help you see with more clarity how you feel and remove from your mind the counterproductive energy that is consuming you.

One thing that helps me also is the idea that the turndown will take me to another door, another window, another opportunity. Maybe that job wasn’t for you and, for sure, better things are coming soon. That situation will introduce you to new contacts, new points of view, or career opportunities.

That’s why I think it’s suitable to highlight those things you learned already from the job-hunting process: those connections, discoveries, and knowledge about yourself you didn’t have before.

For instance, I highlight every month one thing I never thought I could achieve. There are uncountable opportunities out there waiting for you that become invisible if you’re only focused on your disappointment.

When highlighting your bad moments, write down what you can do better in the future to avoid those situations. We can only change what depends on us, the rest is just a waste of time and energy.

I’d like to finish with the best tip I know about this topic. Recall all those moments from the past where you suffered rejection and how glad you were after overcoming that situation. After looking at the past, you will see disappointment is just a temporary state of your mind. Better things are yet to come.



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